Donovan Mitchell Gave Dwyane Wade A Rocking Chair As A Retirement Gift

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Dwyane Wade is in the midst of his final season in the NBA. There have been a few notable moments, like his final matchup against LeBron James, but on the whole, Wade has largely avoided the kind of public retirement tour that can grate fans. Think of how annoyed you were when Major League Baseball and its teams did everything possible to honor Derek Jeter during his last year, remember how much that stunk? Fortunately, those kind of over the top public displays of affection haven’t popped up during Wade’s last year.

Still, plenty of players have found ways to show how much they admire one of the greatest players of his era and a sure-fire Hall of Fame inductee. One such player is Donovan Mitchell, who will face off against Wade for the final time on Wednesday night.

Before that, Mitchell and Stance Socks hosted a “One Last Dance” dinner for Wade and made sure to bring a gift. Because Mitchell is a pretty funny guy, said gift was a rocking chair.

Mitchell has made it clear that he appreciates all that Wade has done, both for the game of basketball and for himself personally. There aren’t many better ways to show this to a person than a gift, and there aren’t many gifts that are better for your average soon-to-be 37-year-old retiree than a lovely rocking chair.