Dwyane Wade Scopes In A 60-Foot Buzzer Beater Against OKC

Miami’s Dwyane Wade didn’t take a shot in the fourth quarter Sunday night in loss to Oklahoma City. We tell you that because it means he capped his team-high 22 point night by dropping a ridiculously perfect buzzer-beater in the 60-foot range to end the third quarter.

We’ve all done this before, where you make a three and step back until you can’t go anymore, but how many get to 60-feet plus? Kevin Love makes these types of shots look easy but he’s yet to nail one in an NBA contest.

Wade reportedly declined to talk about the Heat’s fourth-quarter offense after the loss, which means trick-shot shooters won’t get to hear Wade break down his rainbow three-pointer. Did he take three steps before shooting? I’ll let you be the judge. I just know most people need a sight to drop something from that far away.

What do you think?

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