This New Highlight Mix Shows Dwyane Wade’s Son Isn’t Listening To ‘Uncle Kobe’

In today’s installment of the Burgeoning Basketball Dominance of NBA Offspring, we bring you Dwyane Wade’s 14-year-old son Zaire, seen above showing flashes of his father’s on-court brilliance as he tears it up at the Nightrydas Elite Invitational in Miami. He already looks like a natural point guard with his uncanny court vision and passing ability, a developing skill-set that flies in the face of Uncle Kobe’s advice that he should shoot more.

As a lefty, he’s also got a nice stroke from the outside, along with an obvious genetic disposition to break his defenders down off-the-dribble. But don’t try to compare the younger Wade to his father. He’s had some hilariously-lukewarm assessments of his old man’s game recently, which prompted Wade to risk life and limb just to prove he could still dunk in an NBA basketball game.


Wade, of course, isn’t the only NBA star with a super-talented son. We’ve been waxing ecstatic about LeBron James Jr. for some time now, who like Zaire, has a game so eerily similar to his father that it’s like seeing a ghost. We can only hope these two budding super-friends might find a way to join up one day and go on to win multiple middle school championships somewhere.