Dwyane Wade: The Flash In South Beach

05.06.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

With the end of the Heat’s season began the start of its star’s potential exit. Was this possibly the last time we’ve all seen Dwyane Wade rip it up in a Heat jersey? Who knows. I for one think that Wade will be back in action in South Beach come training camp, but what is sure, is that analysts and “analysts” (as far as the basketball blogsphere can see) will be drubbing the issue to death. What this discussion does present us with, however, is a great opportunity to oogle at D-Wade’s highlight reels as much as we want. I for one would love to see Chicago’s son explore other options this summer, but he has become the King of Miami; and that sounds pretty amazing for anyone.

Where do you think Wade will land this summer?

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