Dwyane Wade Thinks James Harden Is The MVP

Dwyane Wade, James Harden
Getty Image

Andrew Bogut chose Steph Curry…twice. Kevin Love chose Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook chose a reporter. It seems like every NBA player has an opinion about who should be this year’s MVP.

We can now add Dwyane Wade to that list of players, thanks to the Miami Sun-Sentinel.

“Right now, I would say James Harden,” Wade said before Tuesday’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks. “It’s tough. Any one of those top guys could be MVP. I would say James Harden from everything he’s done for the full season, the entire season. With the injury to Dwight Howard and carrying that team in the tough Western Conference and being right up there. That’s pretty impressive and he’s done it all season long.”

These are all valid points, many of which have been reiterated by Harden’s supporters all season. The Curry clan could counter with the “best player on the best team” argument, while those who think LeBron James is the right choice would argue that James is still the best player and the reason for the Cavaliers’ surge in the East.

All of these arguments are right, but none is more right than another. This is a year in which as many as six players – Curry, Harden, Westbrook, LeBron, Chris Paul and even Anthony Davis – have a legitimate case for MVP, and it’s been really interesting to hear various players’ takes on who should win it.