Dwyane Wade’s 20 Most Clutch Moments

Dwyane Wade (Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)

In his time with Miami, Dwyane Wade has constructed quite the highlight reel.

He has the traditional highlights that most stars possess: dunks, blocks, passes, robust statlines. It’s his timeliness, however, that separates himself from so many of the league’s greats. That rare ability to take in a moment that would usually make those who are weak to have their knees shake and their palms to sweat.

Wade is of a rare cut from the league’s best, and few are able to match him in his ability to come through in moments that would be defined as clutch by the NBA community. The moments that so many shy away from he embraces and personally takes it upon himself to prop his team up on his shoulders.

The most intriguing part of these collective game-winners is how so many of them have come by way of a jumper. The shots taken at the end of games are a funny thing. It always seems the style of team basketball is thrown out in favor of isolations that relies on one player doing it all himself.

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You want the ball in the hands of your best player, but wouldn’t it also be in the best interests to move the ball and see if a shot near the basket can be taken? It’s a great shot when it goes in, because it is in the hands of your best player, but moving the ball would also help, too.

Then again, I’m not one to argue with results, especially the results Dwyane Wade has come up with. He’s been hitting game-winners of the floater, midrange, and bank shot variety since he first entered the league in 2003.

Not only has he been clutch on offense, but he showcases his ability to aid his team on the defensive end, as well. He’s become known as the greatest shotblocking guard in NBA history for a reason. When he combines that with his ability to come through in the clutch, you get some defensive stands that are on par with his shots on offense.