Eddie House Will Shoot Your Face Off

03.10.09 9 years ago 13 Comments
Eddie House

Eddie House is not a great point guard.

Statistically, he doesn’t really stand out in any one area. But when he steps on the court, things change. The reason House plays for the World Champion Celtics is because of one thing: he will shoot your face off.

With the constant green light from Doc Rivers, House would let it fly from the bench if he could. But don’t think this happened overnight. I recently got up with Eddie to talk to him about his training regimen, his impact on the game and his own 61 point game back at Arizona State.

Dime: Take me through an average training day for you.
Eddie House: I get up in the morning, go to the gym, hit some weights and run on that treadmill. When I get to the gym, I try to get close to 1000 makes. But if I don’t get 1000, at least get over 500. You know I do that. Then relax for a little bit, get something to eat and then go play.

Dime: When you step on the court, how do you think things change?
Eddie: I think for the most part they don’t help off me so it creates driving lanes for guys like P, Ray and Rondo. Gives the opportunity for the big fellas to just go one-on-one.

Dime: Back at Arizona State, you actually had yourself a 61 point game. What do you remember about that night?
Eddie: We needed all 61 to get that win. We went into two overtimes, and if I didn’t get that 61, I don’t think we would have won the game.

Dime: When you’re in the zone like that, how do you think the basket looks?
Eddie: It looks the same. You getting the same shots you’d been getting but you’re just making ’em. So you just try to ride it out as long as you can.

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