Eddie, The Oregon Zoo’s Dunking Otter, Has Died At 21 Years Old


If you are a basketball fan on the internet — and given you are reading this website I assume you are — then you have undoubtedly seen videos of Eddie, the dunking sea otter at the Oregon Zoo. Eddie did arthritis treatment at the zoo by dunking on a mini hoop adorned with the Portland Trail Blazers logo, and while functional for his health, it also produced a delightful visual.

On Thursday, the Oregon Zoo made the sad announcement that after 21 years, Eddie has died. Now, 21 years is an incredibly long time for an otter to live — the zoo noted he was likely one of the oldest otters on the planet — so we know Eddie lived a full life, but it is still sad that the adorable dunking otter is no longer with us. The video tribute from the zoo was oddly emotional for me, considering my only interaction with Eddie was enjoying videos of him dunking like a little otter Shaq, but sure enough, it plucked at the heartstrings.

A year ago, the Blazers gifted Eddie a new hoop with a Blazers backboard and a lot of shrimp, his favorite, for his 20th birthday, and on Thursday they offered a nice tribute on Twitter.

Eddie may be gone, but he’ll always be a legend on basketball Twitter.