Bucks Big, Ekpe Udoh, Took His Book Club To The Movies

Ekpe Udoh is not a name a lot of people would mention when the topic of favorite players come up. But don’t tell that to his book club. Over the weekend, Udoh took members of his book club to a movie screening.

The book club was an idea Udoh came up with during the regular season. The Milwaukee Bucks forward used his Twitter to distribute exclusive links for his fans to join, and bought books for the first 25 people who sign up. Book club members were asked to read approximately 80 pages each week, so they could congregate online with Udoh for a discussion.

When asked about the book club in April, Udoh had big plans, “I want to be like Oprah. I want to be like Oprah’s book club. I’ll get there. It might take me a couple years, but I’ll get some buzz going.”

He took a step towards attaining this lofty goals on Saturday, members were flown out to Dallas for a screening of The Fault In Our Stars, one of the book club selections from earlier this year:


The fans were grateful, as you may expect, and Udoh was kind enough to take photos with them individually:


You may have also noticed the awesome Ekpe’s Book Club shirts that everyone received:


Turns out, procuring one of those t-shirts may be as easy as messaging Udoh on Twitter:


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