Joel Embiid Gets Coveted Rihanna Twitter Follow

If you’re to believe Joel Embiid, his Twitter charms on Rihanna have worked better than anyone could have imagined. What seems far more likely is that the pop superstar is simply playing along via the web.

Embiid posted a (photoshopped) photo of Rihanna wearing his jersey.


Then he acted as if the two were on a dinner date.


Chastised by followers for what seemed like a fib, Embiid clarified that Rihanna was simply taking the photo.


Shortly thereafter, she followed him on Twitter. Proof:

Not only had Embiid’s game finally worked, but he had pubic evidence of Rihanna’s interest.


We’re still dubious the two have actually met, but it’s clear Embiid’s persistence with Rihanna has paid off. The only question now is the degree to which it will in the future.

What do you think of Embiid’s public courtship of Rihanna?

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