These Foot Locker Ads Shows How Emmanuel Mudiay’s Life Will Change After The Draft

Emmanuel Mudiay will be a top-10 pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft, barring a drastic change. As much as any player at his level in the draft, he’s a relative unknown, thanks to playing in China rather than in college. Once he gets drafted, however, he’ll be a household name, at least in the city he’ll be playing for.

Now, Mudiay has teamed with Foot Locker and Under Armour to preview how his life will change with a series of ads that will run on ESPN during the draft. The above one is my favorite, because it’s ridiculous and 100 percent believable at the same time. How many siblings are “brand managers” in the NBA? My guess is a lot.

My second favorite is twice as likely to come true if the New York Knicks draft him. Regardless, “Emmanuel Mudiay” has a lot of name-drop potential. It’s just too rhythmic.

You can watch all four of the spots on YouTube.

(Via Foot Locker)