Emmanuel Mudiay Discredits His Supposed New Under Armour Logo That Looks Like A Nazi Swastika

A few days ago, ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell tweeted out this logo claiming it was filed for a trademark by Under Armour to be the logo of Nuggets point guard Emmanuel Mudiay.

Right from the jump, there was one common theme in response to the logo, and let’s just say it was not good.

While not everybody saw it that way (personally, I don’t get it), enough people thought it looked like a Nazi swastika that it created a huge firestorm online. I don’t know much about brands, but I do know that if anyone (let alone a whole bunch of people) thinks the logo you designed looks like a swastika, you did something wrong.

Today, Mudiay addressed the controversy on Twitter by tweeting at Rovell and claiming that the logo was not his.

Seems like that clears that up, right? Maybe Rovell just got bad intel or something. Except it hasn’t cleared anything up, because Rovell tweeted back to Mudiay that that actually is his logo, but Under Armour just hadn’t shown it to him yet.

If that is indeed true, it’s really weird that UA would keep Mudiay in the dark and file for a logo trademark without actually showing it to the player it represents first. Maybe he could have pointed out its obvious flaw before they actually went through the trouble of trying to get a patent for it.

Either way, the logo has got to go at this point, as nobody in their right mind is buying any clothing/sneakers that could be misinterpreted as a dang swastika.