Enes Kanter Joked With Steven Adams About How Kevin Durant ‘Betrayed’ The Thunder

07.11.16 3 years ago

It’s the summer time, and the big free agency names have already figured out which uniform they’ll be rocking next season. There was no bigger name than Kevin Durant during the first week of free agency, and his decision to join the 73-win Warriors is still reverberating across the landscape of the league. One consequence was a little dig by Enes Kanter as he was joking on Twitter with ‘Stache Bro, Steven Adams.

It seems Kanter was trying to reconcile with his former ‘Stache bro by re-growing his mustache, which he shaved after the season ended.

Adams wasn’t having it:

But then Kanter, as a rebuttal, decided to take a shot at Kevin Durant.

That’s too bad. The Stache Bros are real, and Durant was a low-key part of their bosom buddy routine.

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