Enes Kanter Would Like To See The Flat-Earthers Vs. Team Hoodie At All-Star Weekend

10.06.17 1 year ago

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The NBA is changing. The jerseys are changing. The Draft Lottery is changing. The All-Star Game is changing. When you consider the fact that the NBA has never been more profitable than it is right now, it’s easy to appreciate how aggressive they’ve been in trying to make the game better. It’d be a lot easier to sit back and ride out their recent success, but Adam Silver deserves a lot of credit for continuing to innovate and evolve.

You’ve probably heard by now that the NBA is moving towards a captain and draft format for the All-Star game. It’s a fun idea in theory, but we’ll have to wait until All-Star Weekend until we find out if it makes the on-court product any better. If it doesn’t work out, though, Enes Kanter has a new All-Star Game format that both Silver and the NBA should strongly consider.

Team Flat Earthy Theory vs. Team Hoodie? Yes. Yes, please.

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