Enes Kanter And Jared Dudley Gave Us A Surprising Contender For NBA Beef Of The Year

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Friday night gave us what might go down as the most fascinating beef in the NBA this season. No, it had nothing to do with Kevin Love bending over and putting the ball in Isaiah Thomas’ gut, further proving that there is something up with the two. And no, it had nothing to do with the longstanding rivalry between players and officials.

In one corner, we have Enes Kanter, the New York Knicks’ outspoken big man who has never backed down from anybody. In the other, we have Jared Dudley, a grizzled veteran on the Phoenix Suns who is willing to call out anything that he finds out of line. LET’S GET IT ON.

Things started during the game due to an altercation between Kanter and Devin Booker, who drove to the rim and got a shot blocked by the Knicks’ center. Kanter made sure to let Booker know, and the Suns’ guard shoved him in response, earning an ejection.

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