Enes Kanter Took A Shot At Kevin Durant’s ‘Real MVP’ Quote While Celebrating Russell Westbrook

It’s clear by now that Enes Kanter isn’t afraid to pick a fight, whether it’s an entire country of just Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook’s Oklahoma City Thunder teammate joined him at the NBA Awards on Monday, taking a selfie he posted to Twitter that included a pretty blatant jab at former teammate Durant.

Kanter called Westbrook the “real MVP,” mimicing a line Durant made famous when he addressed his mother as such when he won MVP honors in a ceremony in Oklahoma City in 2014.

This all seems in good fun, and even Kevin Durant’s mom understands the value of a good feud. So maybe all this will work out just fine.

Kanter also posted a video of the announcement itself, complete with an excited group of Thunder players cheering him on.

Not finished just yet, he also posted a photo of Westbrook dunking on James Harden, who was also up for the MVP award. In the photo, Westbrook is dunking the MVP trophy, not a basketball. So clearly he had a good time on Monday night.

The beef with Durant is not his first this summer, though it’s definitely on a smaller scale. No matter what comes of this shot at Durant it won’t be the craziest thing that’s happened to Kanter this offseason, as he’s currently engaged in a battle against his own government.

He’s already been detained by the Romanian government after his Turkish passport was revoked by the nation’s president. Kanter has been highly critical of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which has gotten him death threats and got him into trouble while traveling.

There’s currently an arrest warrant out for him in Turkey so, again, calling out a former teammate to cause some summer drama isn’t all that big of a deal to Kanter. Having Durant — or Harden for that matter — mad at him seems like the least of his worries, really.