A Young Thunder Fan Thanked Enes Kanter For Putting Kevin Durant In His Place

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Kevin Durant has had one spectacularly bizarre month. It all started with some late night tweeting, as he’s been known to do, that eventually turned into a public trashing of Billy Donovan and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The internet went wild speculating that Durant may have accidentally sent those tweets out from his personal account because they were worded in a way that suggests they were supposed to be from an account that Durant may be using to fight off trolls when he’s bored.

Durant’s negative comments about the Thunder prompted Enes Kanter to stick up for his organization, claiming Durant is too good of a basketball player for that type of behavior, among other things. This isn’t the first time Kanter has fired back at Durant, and for whatever reason, Kanter has become the spokesperson for the Thunder when it comes to Durant-related drama, which has made quite the impression on young OKC fans.

Kanter was doing an autograph signing in Oklahoma City when one young fan approached him with a basketball and T-shirt to sign. After asking Kanter if he would be so kind as to sign his stuff, he thanked Kanter for “being so aggressive to Kevin Durant.”


Now that’s how you endear yourself to a fan base! Kanter knows what he’s doing.

If you listen closely, you can almost hear Kanter tell the young fan “no problem.” This is the NBA in 2017, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Of course, Durant denied that he has any troll-bashing Twitter accounts despite the fact that internet investigators discovered his fake Instagram account, and the entire situation is so messy right now that nobody really knows what to believe. Like I said, it’s been a bizarre month.