Enes Kanter Trolled Kyrie Irving During His Celtics Press Conference When Asked Why He Chose No. 11

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On Wednesday, the Celtics introduced their two biggest free agent signings at a press conference in Boston, with Kemba Walker and Enes Kanter on hand to take questions from the media about joining the franchise.

Walker is Boston’s replacement for Kyrie Irving, who left for Brooklyn this summer, and some would argue will actually be a better fit for this Celtics roster. However, while Walker is taking Irving’s spot, it’s Kanter who will be taking Kyrie’s number. The big man was asked on Wednesday why he chose the No. 11, and he explained that it was his old number and then couldn’t help but troll Kyrie.

Kanter saying he wants to be the reason no one else will wear 11 is in reference to Irving’s Nike commercial from last year in which he said the same thing.

It’s not surprising Kanter would come to the presser with that joke locked and loaded, as he loves to poke fun at other players, usually on social media. You can see the glee in his face as he realized he would get to say it, smiling the entire time before bursting into laughter after he got it out. Kanter’s going to enjoy the spotlight that comes with playing in Boston, and Celtics fans will enjoy his antics so long as his production on the court is helping the Celtics to win games.

As for Kemba, he too is taking a familiar number in Boston as he’ll play in Antoine Walker’s old No. 8 jersey, but he says he got Antoine’s “blessing” to do so.