Enes Kanter Invites LeBron To Join The Knicks To ‘Prove’ He’s King Of New York

05.07.18 9 months ago

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The New York Knicks made the first big splash hire of the offseason by inking a four-year deal with former Grizzlies coach and Heat assistant David Fizdale in what was a very popular move around the league and inside the Knicks locker room.

Fizdale is among the most well-liked coaches in the league and most all of his former players love him, with Marc Gasol being the obvious notable exception. Among those former players that hold Fizdale in high regard is LeBron James, who publicly questioned his firing in Memphis earlier this season. Naturally, when Fizdale was hired by the Knicks there were rumors they might look to pursue him in free agency, pitching him on a reunion with one of his favorite coaches.

While the Knicks don’t seem to have any real chance of landing LeBron, if for nothing else than for purely financial reasons, that won’t stop them from hoping and possibly trying to land a meeting with The King this summer. Enes Kanter, who beefed with James earlier this season, has now made a 180 on LeBron and is joining in the push for James to come to New York, inviting him to “prove” he’s the King of New York by joining the Knicks.

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