Enes Kanter Appeared On Stage In A Parody Musical Of ‘The Office’ In Boston

Enes Kanter’s first year in Boston has, so far, been a general success. The Celtics are playing better than many experts expected and everyone seems to love playing with Kemba Walker, who is likely the bigger free agent acquisition compared to the former Portland Trail Blazer.

Still, Kanter has acclimated himself to Boston nicely in the first few months of his career there. It seems that also means he’s found a creative outlet in the theatre. Well, in parody theatre at least. The Celtics forward posted a video of himself on stage during a production of ‘The Office! A Musical Parody’ on Sunday, which is currently running in Boston.

Billed as an unauthorized musical parody of the NBC show, Kanter doesn’t appear to have a speaking role in it, but instead appears on stage for a bit while what appears to be the show’s opening number is performed by actors.

Kanter posted video taken from the crowd, where he stares at a board with postings on it and then walks over to the front desk of the Dunder Mifflin office on stage. The most involved he is in the show itself is when everything stops so he can perform an elaborate handshake with the actress playing Pam.

Reviews of the show admittedly haven’t been great in Boston, but seeing a Celtics player on stage had to be a fun thrill for fans of both the team and Michael Scott. The show runs until December 1 in Boston, but it’s unclear if Kanter will hit the stage with them again before it’s done.