Enes Kanter Trolled Lakers Fans On Twitter After Russell Westbrook’s Extension

The Lakers’ dream of Russell Westbrook wearing purple and gold will remain no more than that for the foreseeable future. Westbrook agreed to a three-year, $85 million extension to stay in Oklahoma City for a little while longer. His deal has a player option in 2018, which delays his free agency for at least one more year.

It’s a great win for OKC after Kevin Durant left them for greener pastures in Golden State last month. Russ will be free to roam maniacally around the court unburdened by the pressure of deferring to Durant. OKC has Russ locked in for what should be the two best years of his career.

Los Angeles, meanwhile, will have to wait one more year for a potential Westbrook homecoming. Westbrook is a Southern California native and the noise around a potential homecoming grew quite loud after KD’s departure. However, the Russell Westbrook #FutureLaker tweets must take an 18-month hiatus.

Westbrook appeared to be the Lakers’ best chance at acquiring a star after striking out in free agency multiple summers running. Until Enes Kanter, a man with the NBA’s greatest mustache, took some time and closed the door on Lakers fans with a dank meme. Crying MJ has grown so ubiquitous that even NBA players roast a fanbase all of a sudden.

Kanter’s Twitter account has been on fire since KD left for Golden State. If the NBA doesn’t workout for the Turkish big man, he has a great future in online content.