Eric Bledsoe Tweeted That He Doesn’t Want To ‘Be Here’ One Day After The Suns Fell To 0-3

The Phoenix Suns have started out the 2017-18 season 0-3, good for the worst record in the entire NBA. In Saturday night’s 130-88 loss to the Clippers, rookie wing Josh Jackson was caught on video directing a finger gun at the stands before yelling “f*ck you” to someone. Things are off to a rocky start in Arizona, to say the least.

On Sunday afternoon, veteran point guard Eric Bledsoe tweeted a short and sweet message that caused the internet to erupt in speculation. We knew the Suns were bad, but if this is a statement about his future in Phoenix, then they are in worse shape than we thought.

It’s worth noting that we don’t know exactly what Bledsoe is referring to here, but considering where the Suns are at right now, he has to know what kind of speculation sending a tweet like this out would create. Trade rumors have surrounded Bledsoe for what feels like his entire tenure in Phoenix, so regardless of what his tweet may or may not be talking about, nobody would be surprised if a trade goes down here soon.

Arizona Sports 98.7 host John Gambadoro claims he knows what Bledsoe was tweeting about, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Gambadoro would follow up by reporting that Suns owner Robert Sarver will be meeting with Suns coach Earl Watson on Sunday. Bledsoe’s tweet should make for a fascinating conversation.

The good news is, if Bledsoe wants out, the Phoenix Suns should have plenty of suitors.