The Suns Are Disappointed With Trade Offers For Eric Bledsoe

10.24.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

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Eric Bledsoe is likely not long for the Phoenix Suns, but the offers the team has gotten for its young star have not been satisfactory thus far.

Bledsoe doesn’t want to be in Phoenix. Well, at least he doesn’t want to get his hair cut or something. But after getting sent home following a meeting with the team, it’s clear that things are an absolute disaster in Phoenix and Bledsoe leaving is incredibly likely.

There have been a number of rumors about potential trades in the last few days, but word from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski is that the team is looking for a young star in return for the 27-year-old point guard. And so far, they haven’t found much in the trade market they’ve liked.

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