Eric Bledsoe Claims He Doesn’t Know ‘Who The F*ck’ Terry Rozier Is After Two Losses To Boston

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No one expected Terry Rozier to be one of the breakout stars of the 2018 NBA playoffs, but through the first two games of the Boston Celtics’ series against the Milwaukee Bucks, Rozier has been great. The third-year guard has had back-to-back games where he’s dropped 23 points on the Bucks, and thus far, the Celtics have a 2-o lead on their opponent.

Contrasting Rozier’s performance is that Eric Bledsoe has really struggled so far in his first postseason series since 2013. Through two games, he’s had 21 total points on 9-for-25 (36 percent) shooting, which isn’t what anyone would expect out of a player of Bledsoe’s caliber.

So it makes sense that, after Boston’s win on Tuesday night, a reporter would want to know what Bledsoe has thought of Rozier thus far. Here’s how that went:

“Who?” Bledsoe responded when he was asked about how personally he’s taken the matchup with Rozier. “I don’t even know who the f*ck that is.”

The crazy thing is that, in an NBA landscape so defined by individual rivalries and players being “petty” and what not, it earnestly seems like Bledsoe has no idea who Rozier is. It’s not a function of him trying to disrespect Rozier, it’s just like Bledsoe has never compartmentalized the name “Terry Rozier” whenever he has heard it in the past.

To Rozier’s credit, he doesn’t seem like he wants to get caught up in what Bledsoe had to say.

Bledsoe has a few days to learn Rozier’s name, as Game 3 between Boston and Milwaukee will take place on Friday evening.

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