These Are The Teams That Should Try To Trade For Eric Bledsoe

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Eric Bledsoe seems like he might be at the end of his career with the Phoenix Suns. On Sunday afternoon, Bledsoe sent out a vague tweet that implied he wants to leave the franchise — a few hours later, it was announced that Phoenix decided to fire head coach Earl Watson after the team got to an 0-3 start this season.

Bledsoe is a veteran on a young team that won’t be a threat to do much of anything for a few years, so it makes sense that he wants to go elsewhere. This, of course, raises the question: What teams should try to acquire one of the most explosive point guards in the NBA?

Cleveland Cavaliers

The great irony of this situation is it could have been avoided if the Suns traded Bledsoe and one or two other pieces to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving over the summer. If that went down, the young Suns would have had an established star at point guard and a group of young, talented players around him. Instead, they have … well they have the same thing, only everyone is angry now.

Now, Cleveland still could use a point guard while Isaiah Thomas recovers from his bum hip, especially if you are skeptical about Derrick Rose staying healthy until Thomas comes back. Bledsoe and LeBron James are tight — the pair worked out over the summer and share an agent — and the asking price for Bledsoe won’t be nearly as high as it was earlier this year.

The big question that could decide whether this deal happens is if Brooklyn’s first-round pick comes into play. If the Cavs wanted to do a deal for Bledsoe and Phoenix came back and said “We’ll only do it if you include the Nets pick,” what do Koby Altman and co. say? Do they unload the pick this quickly for a player who has never made an All-Star Game? Do they want to hold onto it for a bigger trade closer to the deadline?

Phoenix has next-to-no leverage in any Bledsoe deal, but with the Cavaliers, it could conceivably set the bar really, really high.

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