Nevada Coach Eric Musselman Explained Why He Likes To Celebrate Wins Without A Shirt

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While UMBC captured the headlines and teams like Virginia and Arizona exited the 2018 NCAA Tournament in unceremonious fashion, there were some fantastic stories that didn’t receive quite the attention. One came from the Nevada Wolfpack, who advanced to the Sweet 16 as a No. 7 seed and did it in style, overcoming a 22-point deficit against a grind-it-out, defense-first opponent in Cincinnati.

In fact, Nevada’s victory was an all-timer from a win probability perspective and, if nothing else, the comeback was memorable as a result of head coach Eric Musselman going shirtless during the celebration. Given the coverage, it seemed as if Musselman was at least a somewhat willing participant in displaying his bare chest and, after the fact, he spoke with The Dan Patrick Show about why the stars aligned to that end.

Musselman shed light on a 2016 run to a CBI title and a celebration that included a shirt change gone (very) wrong. Beyond that, he even managed to reference his wife and attempts to stay in shape, leading to a few amusing answers to what is kind of a bizarre backstory.

Still, these are the tales that make March a lot of fun and Musselman is obviously hoping to celebrate another Nevada victory when they take on Loyola-Chicago in Atlanta with a trip to the Elite 8 on the line.