Ernie Johnson Got Charles Barkley Good With A Chicken Nugget Zinger

Ernie Johnson is the point man for the Inside the NBA crew and his job is usually to direct discussion or tee up Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, or Shaquille O’Neal for a good rant or joke, but sometimes he can’t help himself but to get in on the act as well.

Johnson doesn’t join in on the joking too often, but when he does he always hits hard. We saw him join in the fun when they tried to read off a League Pass promo for a Bucks-Lakers game earlier this season, and on Wednesday night, he saw an opportunity and let his quick wits catch Chuck with a great zinger after reading off a stat about the Wizards.

Ernie: The first time in the Wizards’ playoff history that they had more blocks than turnovers.
Charles: That’s a good stat.
Ernie: 10 blocks, seven turnovers.
Charles: That’s some good nuggets. Good thing somebody told you them.
Ernie: That’s not the first time you’ve said, “Those are some good nuggets,” either.
Shaq: [laughs]
Charles: Wowwww.

Nailed it. Chuck made the mistake of coming at Ernie and left himself wide open for an attack from the quick witted Johnson. Then there’s Shaq, chuckling and rubbing Barkley’s belly. As the cut to commercial they put auto-tune on Chuck and Shaq again as they continued their nugget conversation.

The show never fails to deliver.

(h/t SB Nation)