ESPN Reported The Cavaliers ‘Don’t Like Each Other’ Before The Minnesota Game

02.07.18 1 year ago

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The Cavaliers are dysfunctional. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has watched them over the past month or read any of the reports that have come out of Cleveland recently.

From a disastrous team meeting that saw Kevin Love get questioned over the legitimacy of an illness and LeBron curse at executives, to Isaiah Thomas’ recent comments about the Cavs going “separate ways” any time there is adversary, to Isaiah Thomas and Tyronn Lue having a mini spat through the media, things are not going well in Cleveland’s locker room. That said, it’s still rather startling to turn on a national television broadcast and hear someone outright say a team source says the team flat out doesn’t like each other.

That’s what happened on Wednesday night as the Cavs took on the Timberwolves on ESPN. Sideline reporter Cassidy Hubbarth cited a team source that told her the problem isn’t basketball, but that the players simply “don’t like each other.”

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