ESPN’s Fantasy Football Auction Skit Drew Criticism From Many, Including Some NBA Stars

08.15.17 2 years ago 7 Comments

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ESPN filled some air time during their 24-hour fantasy football marathon with a very uncomfortable live fantasy auction draft and many people were unhappy about it. Auction drafts are a staple in fantasy football, wherein members of a league bid on players with fake currency in order to build a team. Rather than just using a snake draft format with players taken best available, first come first serve, a player’s “value” is set by the league members themselves. If you want Antonio Brown, you better pay up for him.

But fantasy sports work because they are imaginary, and you’re only acquiring the statistical output of said players and not the humans themselves. Putting that on a stage and letting it happen live, like a real auction of human beings, is actually pretty uncomfortable and creepy.

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