This ESPN Mini-Documentary Will Make You Appreciate The $15 Glory Of The Starburys

Stephon Marbury has had an up-and-down career to say the least. He never managed to really click in any of his five NBA teams, and his personality always seemed to get in the way of his talent. Still, Marbury has recovered nicer than anyone could have expected, as he has gone on to become an absolute legend in China. He’s so popular in fact, that not only has he won MVPs and championships in the CBA, but the Chinese love him so much that they’ve even built a statue of him and created an entire museum in his honor.

Despite all of his accolades on the court, though, Marbury will likely be most remembered for his Starbury sneakers, and that is the subject of the latest Spike Lee joint from The Undefeated entitled “$15 Kicks.” The short film tracks Marbury’s career and his decision to introduce the affordable sneaker to the marketplace at sporting goods store Steve and Barry’s in the mid-2000s.

The Starburys had their detractors as sneakerheads believed that they weren’t fashionable could never touch top level kicks like Air Jordans, but for low-income families, having a high-quality sneaker that they could buy for their kids was a godsend.

Unfortunately, Marbury’s career took a down-turn during his time with the Knicks, and Steve and Barry’s couldn’t afford the cost of selling items for such a low price. The chain eventually closed down and the Starbury shoe went with it. However, Marbury recently announced a plan to reintroduce the sneaker and he’s continued to take shots at players such as Michael Jordan for making their sneakers unaffordable.

“$15 Kicks” (directed by Jenn Shaw) is a fascinating look at a guy who has had his problems over the years, but wanted to push forward with a truly great idea that could help people who needed it the most.

(Via The Undefeated)