It Took Exactly One Game For ESPN To Ask If Kevin Durant Makes The Warriors Worse

10.26.16 1 year ago


So, the Warriors’ coming out party as a three-point bombing, defensive-switching, all-encompassing death star didn’t go quite as planned. They weren’t quite cohesive offensively or defensively on Tuesday night, and they let the San Antonio Spurs run roughshod over them for a 129-100 loss. It wasn’t the home opener they wanted, and it made a bunch of gamblers tear up their longshot tickets for a Dubs undefeated season.

But hey, it’s just one game, right? Not if you’re the knee-jerk debate gnomes at ESPN’s First Take:

First Take, what is this? It has literally been one game, and the Warriors, with five new players, faced one of the best teams in basketball. Skip Bayless is no longer on the program, but his spirit clearly lives on in this poll. Kevin Durant is unquestionably one of the five best players in the NBA. He does not make teams worse, especially not when he replaces Harrison Barnes. We don’t see any polls asking whether JaVale McGee made the Warriors worse, and he’s the one that got his soul snatched by Jonathon Simmons.

Even worse, with an hour left until the poll closed, “No” was only leading “Yes” 53 to 47 percent. That 47 percent has got to have a hefty portion of trolls in there, but come on, people. IT HAS BEEN ONE GAME.

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