Evan Turner Compares Himself To Jesus In Return To Phildelphia

12.16.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

It seems Evan Turner‘s return to Philadelphia was similar to Beatles first coming over to America, with girls “fainting” and Turner getting his “hand kissed by people” before the game. But when the game started, the boo’s rang down, prompting Turner to align his plight with that of Jesus Christ.

“Before the game I signed like 100,000 autographs, I’m kissing babies and what not and all that stuff,” Turner told A. Sherrod Blakely of CSSNE.com “I’m getting my hand kissed by people; I got little girls come up to me fainting.”

Except, the crowd gathered inside Wells Fargo Arena weren’t as smitten with their former No. 2 pick as the fans before the game.

“Once the game started, it was like, ‘what the hell is going on?'” Turner said. “I was like, ‘this is weird. Did they take all the good people out?”

Turner had 12 points (5/10), six assists, five rebounds, three steals and five turnovers in 27 minutes Monday night. The Celtics cruised against Turner’s old team, 105-87, but while he claimed, “I don’t worry about it anymore,” after the game, it’s clear he does.

“I don’t want to sound super weird, but Jesus was hated too,” Turner told Blakely while sounding super weird. “At the end of the day, I just worry about the stuff that’s important. If it makes you happy to boo me, go ahead. I’m still happy. I put all that stuff behind me.”

Turner thought prefacing his implicit comparison to Jesus would somehow negate how weird he sounded. It didn’t. Yes, the positive vibes from Philly fans before the game were different then the chorus of boo’s Turner experienced every time he touched the ball on the court. That doesn’t mean you’re the Son of God; that just makes Turner a former member of a Philadelphia 76ers team who could use some miracles.

Mark Titus, Turner’s former teammate at Indiana, nicknamed Turner “The Villain” on his popular Club Trillion blog, and went a little further in his book, calling him — by way of CSN Philly — “insecure, socially feebleminded, possibly bipolar, and often callous perfectionist who had all the talent in the world.”

Titus’ book might be going too far, but Christians probably won’t enjoy the whole J.C. comparison. Turner was booed at a basketball game, which is hardly being crucified on a cross to atone for all of mankind’s sins.


Is Evan Turner delusional?

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