Evan ‘Midrange’ Turner Wants Armchair Analysts To Shut Up About What They Don’t Know

Do you have a DeLorean? No? Well, no worries: Evan Turner does. The Boston Celtics wingman says he can see into the future of the NBA, and it may not look the way you’d expect it to.

“The future is in the mid-range,” Turner said in a recent interview with Complex. “The mid-range is where the money’s at, man. I think the three-point shot opens up the court and everything like that, but MJ and all those great players made all of their money out of the mid-range. So I’m not sorry for that at all. Evan M. Turner. For sure, ‘M’ stands for mid-range. Anywhere within 15 feet is cash. I’ll try to get better at threes, but that’s my game.”

We could have sworn that the ‘M’ stood for either ‘Marshmallow’ or ‘Magma.’ But ‘Midrange’ works too.

Maybe Mister Turner will get some help on the Celtics this summer, when General Manager Danny Ainge will make a hard run at deep-shooting talent that could create extra space for the clairvoyant Turner on offense. One of those talents is known to be Kevin Durant.

In the meantime, do you, Evan. If he ends up being particularly prescient about this subject, it might be time to ask him for Powerball numbers pretty soon.

(Via Complex)