Evan Turner’s Chef Reportedly Rescued The Truck Driver That Crashed Into His Pool

The Portland Trail Blazers will face off with the Spurs at home on Wednesday night, but if Evan Turner seems a bit preoccupied, it would be more than understanding.

The Blazers’ forward had his backyard swimming pool crashed into by a semi hauling a dumpster. The truck went around a hairpin turn, crashed through a guardrail, and careened down a hill and into Turner’s pool. The photos and video from the scene of the crash are stunning, showing the overturned truck dipped into the pool.

The driver of the truck was eventually extricated from the cab by emergency workers, per KATU news, but was helped by Evan Turner’s chef, who reportedly rushed out of the house after the crash happened to keep his head above water until first responders arrived.

There isn’t any update on the condition of the driver or what injuries were sustained, but hopefully he will be able to recover fully. As for Turner, he certainly will have to deal with plenty of clean up and repairs to his backyard area, but luckily the accident didn’t take place in the summer or at a time while anyone was out around the pool that could have also been injured.