Everyone, Including Steph Curry, Thought Paul George’s Technical Foul in Double OT Was Bogus

01.11.19 6 months ago 2 Comments

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In the midst of what might go down as the best basketball game of the 2018-2019 NBA season, a San Antonio Spurs double overtime victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Paul George was issued what you might say was a questionable technical foul.

Down two with just over three and a half minutes to go in the second overtime, George drove the lane and muscled in a tough layup while drawing contact from LaMarcus Aldridge to tie the game at 143 a piece. George, upset with the lack of a whistle, looked at the ref and clapped his hands together in frustration. He then slapped his elbow, mimicking what he thought Aldridge to him that should’ve warranted a foul.

That, apparently, was enough for the ref to blow his whistle and give George a tech. George was outraged, as was much of Twitter, including the point guard for the Golden State Warriors.

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