A Fight Broke Out After These High Schoolers Got Heated Over A Mascot Battle

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Welcome to the latest edition of Sports Are Stupid And So Are You.

At a high school basketball game in Idaho (seriously, this is the stupidest thing you will read all day) between Highland and Madison on Tuesday, fans stormed the court to fight the Madison mascot because it disrespected the Highland mascot by lightly shoving him while leading a cheer.

Imagine loving sports so much that you become angry over the sight of a man in a ram costume and cape shoving another man wearing a cape during a high school basketball game. “Nobody in a ram suit touches an adult man in a cape leading a calisthenics class during a timeout while I’m alive. Let’s kick his ass!”

The man who leads the assault is particularly wonderful.

He appears to be wearing some sort of ugly Christmas sweater in February. Some people leave their tree and lights up for weeks after the holidays; maybe in Idaho, the dude who loves Christmas and mascots doesn’t refresh his wardrobe. Also, he appears to have cut the sleeves off his Christmas sweater and is wearing an Allen Iverson arm band, possibly to prevent injury during mascot attacks. Savvy.

Also, it’s probably safe to say this kid in the sweatshirt is not a star football player at his school.


Let’s hear it for the restraint shown by Idaho’s boys in blue, though. Standing guard at a high school basketball game probably isn’t the most prestigious assignment, and this would’ve been a perfect time to use a Taser on a dozen people, but they chose to keep the peace in a gentler way.

This should be a lesson for all sports fans. If you find yourself fighting a dude in a parking lot because he’s wearing the jersey of the other team or because he pointed out that there’s no way Tom Brady’s hair is any way real, just walk away. This is what you look like.

This has been Sports Are Stupid And So Are You.

(Via Idaho State Journal)

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