Fantasy Basketball 2010-11 Midseason Report Card

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, Dime #51

Believe it or not, we’re already at the midpoint of the 2010-11 NBA regular season. That means it’s time to get out our rearview mirrors and crystal balls to look back on the fantasy fallout from the first half of the season and set expectations for the rest of the way.

Just like last year, we’ll use a crude grading system: The first letter grade after each player’s name will be based on their performance thus far, in addition to how they’ve fallen short of, met or exceeded expectations; and the second grade will be based on their projected value for the second half of the season.

Players will be grouped by position and ranked based on their approximate Yahoo! average-based rankings so far this season. After the grades are four lists for your enjoyment and, possibly, enlightenment.

Point guards:
Chris Paul: A/A-
Deron Williams: A/A
Monta Ellis: A/A-
Raymond Felton: A/A-
Russell Westbrook: A/A
Derrick Rose: A/A-
Steve Nash: B+/B+
Rajon Rondo: B+/B+
Chauncey Billups: B/B-
Jason Kidd: B-/B-
Tony Parker: A-/B+
Beno Udrih: B+/A-
Luke Ridnour: A/B+
D.J. Augustin: A/A-
Andre Miller: A-/A-
Jose Calderon: A-/A-
Jrue Holiday: B+/A-
Mike Conley: A-/B-
John Wall: C+/C
Brandon Jennings: B/B
Darren Collison: C/B
Kirk Hinrich: B/B-
Jameer Nelson: C-/C-
Rodney Stuckey: C/C
Devin Harris: C-/C+
Aaron Brooks: D+/B+
Mike Bibby: B+/C-
Baron Davis: C/B

Shooting guards:
Manu Ginobili: A/B+
Stephen Curry: B+/A-
Ray Allen: A/B+
Dwyane Wade: B/B+
Eric Gordon: A/A
Kevin Martin: A/B+
Kobe Bryant: C+/B
Jason Richardson: A-/A-
Arron Afflalo: A/A-
Landry Fields: A/B+
Joe Johnson: C-/B
Wesley Matthews: A/A-
Nick Young: A/A-
Vince Carter: B/B
Stephen Jackson: C+/B-
Brandon Roy: D-/F
Jason Terry: C+/C
Mike Dunleavy: B+/B
Daniel Gibson: A-/B+
Jamal Crawford: B-/B
George Hill: B/B+
Nicolas Batum: B-/A-
J.R. Smith: C/B
James Harden: C+/C
Tyreke Evans: D+/C
Thabo Sefolosha: C/C
C.J. Miles: B+/B-
Anthony Morrow: C-/C
Gilbert Arenas: B-/C-
Jared Dudley: C/C+
Toney Douglas: C/C
Leandro Barbosa: B-/C
Shannon Brown: B/C+
Raja Bell: C-/C
Ronnie Brewer: C/C
J.J. Redick: A-/B-

Small forwards:
Kevin Durant: A-/A
Rudy Gay: A+/A-
Paul Pierce: A/B+
LeBron James: B/A-
Wilson Chandler: A+/B+
Dorell Wright: A+/A-
Danny Granger: C+/B-
Danilo Gallinari: B+/A-
Andrei Kirilenko: A-/B-
Carmelo Anthony: C-/B+
Shane Battier: A-/B+
Rashard Lewis: B-/B+
Andre Iguodala: C/B
Grant Hill: A/B+
Michael Beasley: A-/B+
Luol Deng: B/B-
Hedo Turkoglu: B-/B+
Gerald Wallace: D+/B-
Richard Jefferson: C+/C
Francisco Garcia: C+/C
Tayshaun Prince: C/C
Thaddeus Young: C+/C-
Shawn Marion: C/C
Trevor Ariza: C-/C
Ron Artest: C/C
Marvin Williams: C/C
Matt Barnes: C/C-

Power forwards:
Dirk Nowitzki: A-/A
Pau Gasol: A/A-
Kevin Love: A+/A
Amar’e Stoudemire: A/A-
Kevin Garnett: A/B+
Paul Millsap: A-/A-
Josh Smith: B+/B+
Elton Brand: A/B+
LaMarcus Aldridge: A/A
Tim Duncan: A-/B
Lamar Odom: A/B+
David West: A-/A-
Chris Bosh: B+/B+
Zach Randolph: A/A-
Carlos Boozer: B/B+
Channing Frye: A-/B+
David Lee: C-/B+
Amir Johnson: B+/B+
Luis Scola: B/B
Jeff Green: B-/B-
Charlie Villanueva: B+/B
Boris Diaw: B/B
Blake Griffin: A+/A
Tyrus Thomas: C/C
Antawn Jamison: A-/B
Andray Blatche: C/B
Kris Humphries: A-/B-
Ryan Anderson: A-/B+
Glen Davis: B+/C+
Al Harrington: C-/C
Ed Davis: C+/C+
Vladimir Radmanovic: C/C-

Al Horford: A/A-
Joakim Noah: A-/B+
Al Jefferson: B+/B+
Nene: A-/A-
Marcus Camby: A-/D
JaVale McGee: A-/A-
Marc Gasol: C/B
Serge Ibaka: A-/B+
Tyson Chandler: A/B+
Andrea Bargnani: C+/B-
Brook Lopez: D+/C+
Dwight Howard: B/B
Andrew Bogut: B+/B
Andrew Bynum: B+/B-
Andris Biedrins: C/C-
Matt Bonner: C/C
Darko Milicic: B/B-
Emeka Okafor: A-/B+
Roy Hibbert: C-/C-
Jeff Foster: D/D+
Brad Miller: C-/C
DeAndre Jordan: A-/B+

Team Ricky Gervais (players who’ve embarrassed their owners): John Salmons, Mo Williams, O.J. Mayo, Samuel Dalembert, Robin Lopez

Team Susan Boyle (players who are coming on late, which is better than never): Sasha Vujacic, Greg Monroe, Lou Williams, Kyle Lowry, Manny Harris

Team Ted Williams (players whose bubbles are about to burst): Mike Conley, Manu Ginobili, Andrei Kirilenko, Antawn Jamison, Tim Duncan

Team Snorlax (players who could rise from their deep slumbers): Jordan Farmar, Austin Daye, Mike Miller, Dante Cunningham, Tiago Splitter

Throughout the season, be sure to leave your questions, comments, concerns, trade offers, roster problems and more in the comments below.

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