Benny The Bull Got His Very Own Version Of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’

02.06.17 1 year ago

Have you ever watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and said to yourself “I wish Matthew Broderick were replaced by a fuzzy anthropomorphic bull and it was filmed in 10 second increments and also I watched this on my phone?”

Of course you have.

Benny the Bull, mascot for the Chicago Bulls, had a bit of fun on the team’s Snapchat in a homage to the classic 1986 film. Benny dons the famous leopard-print vest Ferris wore around Chicago, avoiding Bulls employees while taking in the sights. The Bulls don’t let Benny ride joyride in a Ferrari 250 GT, but the series of videos do feature many of the musical cues from the John Hughes classic.

I want to know how they picked the guy to be Ben Stein’s role of the economics teacher, who has to ask “Bull? … Bull?” over and over again. Do you think he was eager to fill that role or had to be persuaded to appear on camera? I bet he was pumped.

They even pulled the credits joke off with Benny in a robe.


The Bull in a China shop bit actually made me laugh, which isn’t something I can say of most pro sports teams’ social media efforts. Maybe that’s why the team won some #content awards last year. Apparently it was a joint effort between the team and the improv group The Second City. The BMO Harris Bank stuff in there was no accident, either.

Even Snapchat videos have their price, I suppose.

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