Flavor Flav Was At The G-League Showcase To Support His Cousin Shep Garner

12.21.18 7 months ago

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There’s a whole generation out there that may only know Flavor Flav from his reality TV exploits. As entertaining as that part of his life is, his real legacy comes from being one of the earliest and most influential pioneers in rap music as a member of Public Enemy in the 80s and 90s.

He’s remained in the public eye since then, making television appearances and performing around the world, but lately, the legendary hype man has taken to attending his cousin Shep Garner’s games as he tries to make his way as a pro basketball player in the G-League.

Flavor Flav was on hand at the annual G-League Showcase in Las Vegas on Friday to cheer on Garner as his team the Grand Rapids Drive took on the Agua Caliente Clippers, and despite the loss, Flavor Flav is eager to support him as he tries to achieve his dream of one day making it to the big leagues.

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