Floyd Mayweather Flashed Stacks Of Cash He Says He Won Betting On Isaiah Thomas

05.03.17 11 months ago

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Isaiah Thomas dropped 53 points on the Wizards on Tuesday night in an iconic NBA playoff performance, leading the Celtics to a 129-119 overtime victory to take a 2-0 lead on Washington in their second round series. Thomas and the Celtics were able to outlast the Wizards, whose backcourt of Bradley Beal and John Wall appeared to run out of gas late in the fourth quarter and overtime, as Thomas turned on the afterburners with 29 points in the fourth quarter and overtime.

The Celtics not only won, but by running away to a 10-point overtime win they also managed to cover. This was of no consequence in the series, but it was of significant importance to, as Brent Musburger would say, our friends in the desert. Among those that cashed in on the Celtics’ overtime run was Floyd Mayweather, former boxer and current boxing promoter and negotiator for a fight that shouldn’t happen but is almost definitely, eventually going to happen.

Mayweather makes his residence in Las Vegas and likes to bet large sums of money on sports, so it should come as no surprise that late Tuesday night he posted to Instagram with $400,000 in cash while sitting on his plane, explaining that he cashed in on Thomas and the Celtics.

I bet on @isaiahthomas today! ☘️ #TMT

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Maybe he did win lots of money on Thomas, but I have some questions about the legitimacy of this picture showing his winnings. First, it’s sunny outside and the picture was posted after 10 p.m. PT, how does that happen? That’s a red flag. Second, how did he get from the sportsbook to the airport and onto the plane that fast? Third, and completely unrelated to any of the rest of this, why is he in blue jeans and a bedazzled denim jacket?

I need some answers to these questions. Mayweather probably did win lots of money off of the Celtics last night — and maybe he’s the guy that risked half a million to win $36,000 on the Warriors — but I’m here as the internet hero to point out that all this cash (which is more money than I’ve ever been worth or even physically near in my life) is not from that bet.

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