Following Dust-up, Boozer Says “We All Know [Roy Hibbert’s] Not A Tough Guy”

There was a little skirmish between Roy Hibbert and Carlos Boozer during last night’s tight Pacers-Lakers game. The two played each other often when Boozer was with the Bulls, so they’re familiar enough for some bad blood to have developed. After their brief scuffle last night, Boozer said Hibbert “flops a lot,” and that “he’s not a tough guy.”

First, lets look at what transpired between the two (a tip of the hat to SB Nation for pointing us towards these Vines).

First Boozer pushes Hibbert and he topples over:


Roy becomes mad, but is held back; we’ll let you decide if it’s an instance of actually being held back, or if Roy is greatful his teammates have thwarted his attempts to be fined a lot of money and hurt his hands:


After the game, by way of Beto Duran of ESPN Radio LA, Boozer says Hibbert flops and Hibbert’s tough guy act is just that, an act:

Kobe rolled his eyes at the whole on-court incident, but we feel the same way about Boozer’s comments after the game, too.


EVERYONE in the NBA is a a fake tough guy. Nobody wants to injure their hands, which is what they use to make a living (punching someone really messes up your hands). And nobody wants to get docked a game’s pay, or get fined by the league for fighting because losing money sucks.

Now that we’ve explained why fights in the NBA never happen, who wants to fight about it? Meet us in Temecula.

(H/T SB Nation; Lakers Nation)

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