A Fan Celebrated By Pretending To Drink Bleach After Fort Wayne Beat Indiana

11.23.16 2 years ago

College basketball had that thing happen on Tuesday night where a good team got upset early in the season. Indiana took a rare trip to Fort Wayne, and in arguably the biggest shock of the year so far, IPFW won in overtime, 71-68. This was despite the fact that the Hoosiers came into the game ranked third in the nation and the Mastodons have never beaten a team ranked in the AP Top 25 before. Hell, they’ve never even kept it close against a ranked squad.

After the game, students at IPFW – yes, Indiana agreed to travel to Fort Worth for this game, which is actually a pretty cool gesture – decided to storm the court. One student celebrated on the hardwood by chugging something out of a bottle of Clorox.

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