A Fan Celebrated By Pretending To Drink Bleach After Fort Wayne Beat Indiana

College basketball had that thing happen on Tuesday night where a good team got upset early in the season. Indiana took a rare trip to Fort Wayne, and in arguably the biggest shock of the year so far, IPFW won in overtime, 71-68. This was despite the fact that the Hoosiers came into the game ranked third in the nation and the Mastodons have never beaten a team ranked in the AP Top 25 before. Hell, they’ve never even kept it close against a ranked squad.

After the game, students at IPFW – yes, Indiana agreed to travel to Fort Worth for this game, which is actually a pretty cool gesture – decided to storm the court. One student celebrated on the hardwood by chugging something out of a bottle of Clorox.

You can see him consuming the “bleach” at the top of this post. Now, odds are he is not drinking bleach, because…I mean, it’s kind of obvious and not something worth joking about. But it’s still a surprise that he was able to smuggle any kind of liquid into the game, especially if he was able to do it by putting liquid into a gigantic bottle of Clorox bleach.

The internet managed to find out this dude’s identity. Prior to this, he was Brian. Now …

Anyway, this was an awesome win for IPFW. It will likely end up being one of college hoops’ biggest upsets of the year, which is always fun. Here’s to hoping we see a rematch sometime in March, although we can probably hold the bleach.