Free Agent Delonte West Confused By Dallas Mavericks’ Video Featuring Him

All Delonte West wants is to be a Dallas Maverick next season. Reports have suggested that the Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson want him back, too, with two roster spots still available. But here we are, more than three weeks into free agency and almost two weeks past the first day teams and players could sign contracts, and West isn’t on a team, let alone the Mavericks. While Dime hasn’t been inside the discussions with Dallas and West’s reps, it looks like we know how things are going by judging a hilarious West tweet today.

West had been recruiting Deron Williams via Twitter to Dallas in the early days of free agency, but it was all in vain. Losing out on Williams meant Dallas signed two guards to fill in the spot of one megastar with Darren Collison and O.J. Mayo, leaving West possibly as the guy left standing in Free Agency Musical Chairs. Frustrating, clearly. Which is why when he saw the Mavericks’ official Youtube account drop a video today called “Mavericks In The Community” — starring the decidedly not-a-Maverick West from a previous appearance — he was puzzled by the timing.

Here’s the video, which features a hint of West’s Wisdom that I wonder if he’s using through the free agency process. At the 2:03 mark: “With thousands of peoples telling you nos and can’ts and won’ts, you know, you gotta be the one talking yourself up and accomplish your goals that you want.”

Good luck with all that, Delonte.

Should Dallas bring back West?

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