Free Dime Giveaway: How Do You Watch March Madness?

Yes, normally the best March Madness games happen in the second weekend. You trim the fat out of the first few rounds of games, have a little fun with some Cinderellas and then eventually, you arrive at the cream of the crop. But while those Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games are memorable, I always enjoy the first two days the most. 32 matchups in all, and with the schedule starting as early as noon, it can become a national holiday… at least in my mind.

But of course, it comes with a price, especially as you get older. Wives, girlfriends, bosses, work, everyone wants a piece of your time, and only the smartest, most expertly devised plans can get you to escape with your dignity in tact.

Dime feels your pain, and because of that we’re bringing you a giveaway from Wheat Thins: five Covert Basketball Fan Survival Kits.

Each Covert Basketball Fan Survival Kit contains the below items:

· Mini basketball Wheat Thins backboard and basketball set

· Headset (for listening to the game and pretending to be on a conference call)

· Wheat Thins branded koozie

· 1 Wheat Thins branded stressball

· 1 box of Original Wheat Thins Whole Grain

· 1 box of Smoky BBQ flavored Wheat Thins

Comment below giving us how YOU watch March Madness, how you can sneak in looks or get away from the wife, the work, the boss, the family or perhaps even the occasional stalker. Basically, how do you fit in hours upon hours of games without getting in trouble one way or another. The five best answers will receive a free Covert Basketball Fan Survival Kit. Have at it!

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