Full-Court Shots By LeBron James, Dwight Howard Don’t Compare To Kevin Love’s

04.25.15 4 years ago

Kevin Love

Anything LeBron James can do, Dwight Howard can, too.

That’s not actually true, of course. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets superstars might have been the game’s consensus top two players a half-decade ago, but the big man’s skill level still didn’t come anywhere close to matching his all-court counterpart’s and certainly doesn’t now.

There is an attribute where Howard is at least James’ equal, though: strength. And he made that clear with an effortless full-court shot at Rockets practice today.

This came mere minutes after The King submitted a 94-foot make of his own.

Not bad, guys – even for two of the sports world’s biggest and baddest athletes. But neither James nor Howard’s full-court heave bests Kevin Love’s.

Remember the sweet-shooting power forward’s outlet-passing prowess? It extends to chest-pass shots behind the opposite baseline, of course.

And Love did that as a 19 year-old freshman carrying pounds of baby fat. Just imagine how easy that flick is for him today.

There are a couple things to consider when ranking these wild shots. Namely, the specifics of their release and from where they come on the floor. And Love, frankly, wins both categories in a landslide.

Not only is he standing behind the baseline while James and Howard have their feet in-bounds, but Love’s attempt is the closest one resembling an actual jumper. Next time you’re at the gym, try a full-court shot overhead like James and under-handed like Howard. Then rebound your second embarrassing miss and use the “pass” approach a la Love.

Good luck coming anywhere near the rim on that third try.

For Love, though, it’s incredibly easy. Could James or Howard do the same? Perhaps. Considering the UCLA product’s unbelievable make directly mirrors his unmatched merit as an outlet passer, though, it’s safest to say Love is peerless when it comes to full-court shooting, too – even compared to two of basketball’s most explosive behemoths.

[Houston Rockets, Dwayne Gill]

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