Gabrielle Union Shut Down A Troll Talking Smack About Dwyane Wade And Regular Season Rest

05.19.17 10 months ago

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For the last couple of seasons, there has been an on-going debate about players resting during the regular season. Players resting has proven to be beneficial to their careers. But fans that attend games specifically to see a superstar player like LeBron James are robbed from an entertainment standpoint when the Cavs All-Star rests. This especially stings because they paid their hard earned money to attend such a game.

The same problem exists for fans who just tune in to a game on TV. Usually when a star player sits, the dynamics of a game are drastically altered, leading to either blowouts or simply mediocre basketball. But until the NBA actually shortens the season or lengthens a season’s calendar time, the debate will keep going on.

That is why during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Gabrielle Union brought the debate back up. She questioned why we even talk about players resting like it is a problem, especially since LeBron James is playing an elite level due to the occasional regular season rest day that has helped to maintain his health.

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