Gary Payton Is Sad About Blockbuster’s Bankruptcy

You might not remember Blockbuster since we’re currently in a period where everyone’s got high-speed streaming services and video on demand, but the movie rental chain used to be the best place to find movies to watch at home. While that might sound anachronistic to the kids who think the 1990s are retro, it was an important destination for movie lovers way back when. The same goes for Gary Payton it seems as we learned last night on Twitter.

Prior to a Fox Sports telecast Thursday night, host Charissa Thompson discovered a relic while rifling through her co-host’s wallet. Payton, a 2013 Hall-of-Fame inductee, still has a laminated Blockbuster card in his wallet even though they closed their last US location a few weeks back, and filed for bankruptcy more than three years ago.



Nobody keeps the Glove from renting movies the old fashioned way — even if there aren’t any Blockbusters left. Oh wait — Lamar Odom was spotted in a Blockbuster by paparazzi during his AWOL moment past summer, so maybe Blockbuster is the preferred destination for OG ballers.

(via All Ball Blog)

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