George Karl Says Andre Miller Is One Of The Best Point Guards… Of All Time

01.04.13 6 years ago

For the season’s first 32 games, one of the greatest point guards of all time was backing up Ty Lawson. Andre Miller might be one of the most under-appreciated players of his era, but he’s also just the eighth player ever to have 15,000 points and at least 7,500 assists. He passed those career totals last night against Minnesota, furthering the case that we all slept on Andre Miller. Criminally.

But it’s one thing to say he’s an undervalued player – he throws the best lobs, is a fantastic post player, and in 2002, led the NBA in assists (10.9 a night) – as Marc Gasol is probably underrated. So is Kyle Lowry and Greivis Vasquez. But George Karl isn’t stopping at “underrated.” He told the media that the man who took over the starting point guard duties when Lawson went down with an Achilles injury is one of the best point guards of all time.

The Denver Post writes:

Where does Andre Miller rank among NBA point guards all time? Well, his coach says maybe top five. For real.

(As one fan, @Alf954, tweeted when told of the proclamation: “Alphabetically by first name?”)

“I’m taking about a true point guard,” Nuggets coach George Karl said, “who plays the game the way a point guard should play, not (necessarily) with the 3-ball and the scoring point guards. But the ‘trueness’ of the position, I think he’s one of the best.”

Karl explained Miller does it all without the benefit of a three-point shot, but with the essential personality we expect from a traditional lead guard. To Karl, we should praise the 6-2 guard, who tamed UNC’s beastly ’98 Final Four team at Utah, for doing all the little things to make his team better.

The same guy who admits his offseason workout is basically not working out at all doesn’t stand up statistically to the best point guards, and has never made an All-Star team either. But that isn’t stopping one of the best current head coaches from praising him. With a cozy second half schedule, as well as a point guard (even if he isn’t one of the best point guards of all time) who can right the inconsistent ship known as the Denver Nuggets, this team should take up its annual mantle as one of the league’s most dangerous sleepers come playoff time.

Who are the five best point guards of all time?

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