George Posts Photo Of Pacers At Hibbert’s Wedding With Hilarious Caption

This hasn’t exactly been an offseason to remember for the Indiana Pacers. They saw former team leader Danny Granger sign with an archrival, key young playmaker Lance Stephenson depart in free agency, and superstar Paul George suffer a devastating injury that left the entire league shaken. If any team is entitled to fun as training camp looms on September 30, it’s definitely the Pacers. And from the looks of things, they definitely had some this weekend at Roy Hibbert’s wedding.

Congrats Roy and Val on a beautiful wedding!! I wish you 2 nothing but happiness in the years to come.. Happy I was able to unite with my brothers on a special evening as well as my main man.. Frank the tank Vogel!!!

Left to right: Ian Mahinmi, George Hill, Hibbert, Frank Vogel, Granger, George

There’s almost too much awesome to decipher here. What immediately jumped out to us was George’s casual attire given Hibbert’s black-tie duds. Then we saw the size of the 7-2, 280 pound groom’s cummberbund and were even more amused. That led us to notice Hill, crouching at Hibbert’s knees, suspicious smile and all.

But whom and what takes the hilarity cake here is clearly Vogel. That’s a face normally reserved for inebriated college kids at a fraternity party, and George’s caption makes it seem as if Vogel would fit right in at such a setting.

This, you surely remember, is Will Ferrell as “Frank The Tank” of Old School fame:

Whether Vogel lived up to the namesake of Ferrell’s character or otherwise, we’re glad the Pacers had some light-hearted fun. There may not much more of it for Indiana come the 2014-2015 season.

(GIF via raffaroffa)

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