Georgia Lost By 1 On A Technical After A Fan Threw A Stuffed Animal On The Court


There are a lot of excruciating ways teams have lost basketball games, but, amazingly, even when you think you’ve seen it all, someone finds a new, worse way to drop a game.

Enter the Georgia Bulldogs, who are in Year 1 of a rebuild under former Indiana coach Tom Crean. The Dawgs played host to the SEC’s other Bulldogs, Mississippi State, on Wednesday, and while MSU is having a much better season, Georgia found themselves tied late in the all-Bulldog matchup at 67.

Georgia was hit with a foul call with under a second to play that sent Quinndary Weatherspoon, who finished with 31 points on the night, to the free throw line. He missed his first attempt, but as he shot the ball a stuffed animal was chucked onto the floor next to him by someone in the stands, leading to a technical foul being assessed to Georgia.

Weatherspoon would rattle home the technical free throw and give Mississippi State a 68-67 road conference win, while Georgia watched their hopes at an upset at home fall short thanks to a fan deciding it was a good idea to throw something on the court.

There’s no guarantee Georgia wins this game in overtime (or even gets to overtime since he would’ve had another free throw) but the fan in question quite literally threw away any chance of that with this decision.